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Cliff Jumping

Rishikesh is very famous for “cliff jumping”. The exciting adventure sport took birth on the Hawaiian Island in 1770. From then on, the sport has traveled far and wide. In actual terms, cliff jumping is a milder version of base jumping. All those who are in Rishikesh for rafting can never miss cliff jumping. Put your physical and mental abilities to test as you choose to enjoy cliff jumping in Rishikesh. Some people are crazy about the cliff jumping and they come here year to year. You can do cliff jumping during your rafting session. It’s really a great experiencing tour.

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cliff jumping in rishikesh

Generally, the sport involves jumping from a 30-40 feet high cliff. The sport will let you know your bodily strength. Depending upon the physical abilities, you can also grow your cliff jumping abilities. For some, it is just an adventure sport. For others, it's a hobby. So, it is both fun and adventure. How does it feel to jump in freezing cold water in mid-summer? The experience is definitely going to be one that you will take time to forget.

In this sport, you climb up a rock to reach the jumping platform, from where take a plunge into the water. Our instructors will be with you to guide you. Get ready for some adrenaline jumping action as you climb up a cliff and ready yourself to jump off. You will be geared up appropriately with a life jacket and a helmet before you take jump off the cliff. Rishikesh offers some of the most scenic locations to indulge in the sport.