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River Rafting / Expedition

If you thirst for adventure and if you are ready to accept the challenge that thrive an excitement. Then the water of the Ganges, where rolling down the exhilarating rapid of Grade 2, 3, 4 and 5 is a real adventure full of excitement, and its fun to survive them.

We make people encounter face to face with the brute beauty of thewild Ganga, Where you can enjoy the ultimate thrill of wild rapids of 4 Grade . When the raft hits the rapids the wild water of the Gangas gives its introduction by splashing water and making everyone wet. If you are introduced well then its fun facing the rapids which pushes your raft from every corner now and then aid makes it difficult for you to survive them, challenging the sprit of adventure in you.


Float trip Grade 2

This trip is just to give an idea of what white water rafting is basically. In this trip we start rafting from Bhrampuri upto Rishikesh, beach lunch is given in between. The total st each is 9 kms by river & the rapids are of Grade 1 & Grade 2.

Day trip Grade 3

This trip is very enjoyable & while doing ralting we face Grade 3 rapids namely Return to the sender, Roller coaster & Golf course. This trip starts from Shivpuri which is 18 kms from Rishikesh beach lunch is provided on the way & the total distance covered is 15 kms through river. This trip is the best trip for beginners to start from & is a life time experience.

Two Day One Night Grade 3

In this trip we get you out of the civilization into the lap of the Himalayas where you spend two days doing rafting down the Ganges and face exhilarating rapids of Grade 3 namely Three blind mice, Cross fire, Return to sender, Roller coaster & Golf Course. Overnight stay is in camps on the beach near Ganga where bonfire dinner is given.

Three Day Two Night Grade 3 & 4

In this trip we make you wild while facing the Grade 4 rapid ‘The Wall’ The rafting starts from Kaudiyala up till Rishikesh, Tent accommocation is provided with bonfire dinner & other activities are done in the beach.

Ganga Expedition Grade 3+,4

The Ganga expedition trip starts from Deoprayag where the Alaknanda & Bhagirathi river merge to form the sacred river Ganga. We carry Tent, food & drinks on the raft. The total distance covered from Deoprayag to Rishikesh is 60 kms and we face different rapids while coming down.

Alaknanda Ganga Expedition(six day five night) Grade 3+,4

This Rafting expedition starts from Srinagar 30 kms from Deoprayag, this is relative a mild trip as compared to the river Bhagirathi and it take six days to complete it at Rishikesh. One enjoys a lot while in river & is almost out of his hectric day to day schedule for six days.
One Night Two Days- Rafting Shivpuri to Rishikesh.
One Night Two Days- Rafting Koudiyala to Rishikesh.